What is the Everyday Money Workbook?

The Everyday Money Workbook is the ultimate guide for couples' finances.

Created by Hannah Moore, a Certified Financial Planner™, the Everyday Money Workbook is designed
to bring couples together to have meaningful conversations about their finances.

The workbook is based on the belief that it doesn’t matter if you have $10,000 or $10,000,000, it’s how you approach money that is central to living a wealthy life. The workbook pairs practical financial planning elements from a Certified Financial Planner™ with exercises designed to help you find what it means to live a wealthy life now.

About The Workbook

Hannah knows that her client’s financial situations involve much more than simply dollar amounts. She finds that the families that are most successful, regardless of their income level or net worth, are the ones who have a unique outlook on money. Read More >

About Hannah

Hannah is passionate about helping couples understand their money in ways that are meaningful. She believes that financial planning done well brings clarity to a situation, provides a directional simplicity and gives confidence in decisions. Read More >


Do you lead a group that could benefit from the EMW message? Hannah is passionate about spreading the word about what it looks like to live wealthy now.
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One of the very best financial education pieces I have ever seen. This workbook will help (young people) understand money motivations and prioritize their spending.
— Thomas Murphy, CFP, AIF®, CEO at Murphy & Sylvest
Hannah has stumbled on a key truth: communication, planning, and accountability are foundational elements of a successful financial future. Everyday Money takes a refreshingly straightforward approach to establishing a healthy relationship with money and laying the groundwork for honest conversations. If your family is struggling with your finances, follow this simple guide and change the way you think about money and your financial goals. Hannah’s values based approach delivers far more than cookie cutter advice. If you are ready to move beyond quick fixes and looking for sustainable change, get started now. You won’t regret it!
— Daniel Frankel, CFP®
“The Everyday Money Workbook is a powerful tool to help couples take the most important step toward improving their finances for a thriving life, and that is: how to have the conversations about money and life! There is nothing more powerful than two people sharing their values and intentions, and then together, making a plan and building on each other’s strengths. When you combine good conversations with tools for tracking and gaining awareness about your money behavior, then you are on the right path. Hannah is a gentle coach committed to helping people of all means, find more richness of life.“
— Elizabeth Jetton, CFP®
“Money isn’t just numbers - it’s about relationships, communication and making healthy boundaries to ensure a wealthy future. From working through Hannah’s workbook and watching her speak her calming messages through video, I was able to work with my spouse at digging deeper into our financial situation and put some meaning behind the money we earned, spent and saved. We tweaked our goals to ensure they were meaningful to both of us, made sure we were saving appropriately for these goals, and came through the process with not just a greater financial understanding but a deeper connection between the both of us. For those willing to dedicate themselves to completing all the exercises, the rewards will be felt for very a long time.”
— Dave Grant, CFP®

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