Everyday Money Course for Fire Families

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EMClass preview.png

Everyday Money Course for Fire Families


Join fellow fire families as you go through the Everyday Money Course. You'll get the following:

  • Four easy to implement sections emailed to you, focused on communication, values, assessment, and goals. When you complete each section, you'll have a clear idea how to have productive discussions, move toward the future, and live a wealthy life NOW - without the specter of money fights.
  • Weekly Assignments so you'll know exactly what steps to take to get your financial house in order.
  • Six monthly check-ins with time-specific financial planning tools to help maintain your new plan and ongoing financial health
  • Video training so you can understand all materials quickly and put the exercises into action for maximum results
  • Facebook group with a weekly Q&A where you can ask your specific questions and meet other fire families just like you

and as a tremendous BONUS, you'll also receive

  • the Everyday Money Personal Records Organizer. This 21 page, completely comprehensive organizer includes all the information you need, including the specific items you as a firefighter family need to consider, to have in case of emergency, change of life situation, and even when preparing your estate.  In one document, you'll have everything you need for complete peace of mind.
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