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 Who this workbook is for ....

The Everyday Money Workbook helps couples who have never talked about money or struggle to talk about money.

What the workbook is about ...

Guiding couples through practical exercises to improve their communication and help them align their values with their finances.

What's included ...

  • 4 sections of the workbook

  • 6 monthly check-ins

  • 10 videos to guide through workbook

  • 12 videos on how to plan for the top long-term financial goals

How to share...

Sharing is easy! If you have a blog, you can easily work the Everyday Money Workbook into any evergreen posts you have or in posts you plan to write in the future. 

Here are several prompts:

  • Share a personal story about how you and your spouse have disagreed and had conflict around money.

  • What you wish you would have known when you first got married about your financial situation.

  • Make a list of ways your spouse views money differently than you.

  • Make a list of "little" changes in your budget that lead to BIG wins over time.

  • For someone just starting out, what expenses would you suggest they tackle first?

Obviously, I want you to write a post that is most natural to YOU and your audience, but these should get your creative juices flowing!

Also, Hannah is happy to use her experience as a Certified Financial Planner(TM) to guest post for your blog to help promote the workbook. Here are a couple topics she can write about:

  • Financial Planning for major life changes (two incomes to one, buying a house, unemployment, new job, retirement, etc)

  • Investing Made Easy

  • How to Talk to Your Spouse (& Have Them Listen!)