In Hannah’s work as a financial planner, she saw that her client’s financial situations involved much more than simply dollar amounts. She found the families that were most successful, regardless of their income level or net worth, were the ones those who had a unique outlook on money.

As Hannah began to ask questions, she found similarities between families who were using their money to live a truly wealthy life versus those who were always struggling, regardless of how much money they had.

The difference was dramatic. People who lived wealthy dictated what happened in their life and were happier. Conversely, there was angst when those who didn’t live wealthy talked about money. Hannah noted an underlying stress in her conversations with these clients, regardless of what the topic was.

At that point, Hannah knew she had to find what the secret was for those who lived a wealthy life and those that didn’t.  

Through years of working with clients, asking questions and making connections, Hannah finally felt like she had a grasp on what the difference was. It became evident to her that there was a need for a practical, step-by-step guide that walked people through finding what it meant to live a wealthy life now. The Everyday Money Workbook was born.